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Together we will get your finances in order so you can start living on your own terms.

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Hi I'm Femi

Hi, my name is Femi, nice to meet you!
I work with wandering spirits just like yours who dream of traveling to faraway places, but never feel like they can afford it.

Do you spend hours of your day dreaming about exotic cities, nights in Paris, or salsa dancing in South America? I know I spend a lot of time thinking about TRAVEL! I love it and I have learned how to travel smart, without burning through savings.

Here is the myth about travel -- you think you have no time or money to do it -- it is SO NOT TRUE!

Together we will work on your finances, map out your goals and set you up for success. I'll even walk you through getting a passport if I have to! I am so passionate about traveling and empowering others to make it a reality too.

It's possible for everyone, why not you?

What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • I have to say. All in one service. Has been the best overall experience with TFC. Ayofemi --thank you for all that you have done!

    Jude Taylor Founder of Fathers Who R Fathers
  • Was professional, accurate and very helpful on my first journey overseas. Would highly recommend to friends and family and use these services on any future trips.

    Tracy Garrett Photographer, A Guy With A Camera

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